- Limited Edition Lavascapes

A Brief History of Lavaluva

The complete (mostly), somewhat abridged tale of how these unearthly images came about

The simplest answers are right in front of you

Early in 2001, deep in the midst of re-designing our own company's branding and marketing voice, we were searching for an image that would communicate a sense of evolution, ebb-and-flow, chemistry, serendipity, and discovery as a metaphor for ideation and the creative process.

We searched long and hard for that elusive, perfect image - finding ourselves honing in on depictions of chemical reactions, molecular compounds and so on. Suddenly, as if brand new all over again, the little red lava lamp percolating away in our lobby caught our attention.

Where there's a need

On a lark, we took our little lamp and a camera into a dark closet to see what kind of imagery we could wrestle out this 70s era lounge lizard icon. The first few images were definitely a little rough around the edges, but the close-ups looked promising.

Realizing the limits of our own photographic talents, we called on our long-time portfolio photographer, Thom Lang, known for his brilliantly-colored studio techniques. We packed up our lamp and sent it off to him with our rudimentary proof-of-concept pics.

Soon, we were looking at beautifully unique expressions of flowing lava, unlike anything we'd ever seen. Elated by the striking results, and perhaps a little carried away, we ordered four spanking new lava brand lamps in various color combinations for shooting.

Recognizing that we have something truly unique, and hoping that other people might like them as much as we do, we are pleased to offer the best of the best images as limited edition prints.

As for the future of Lavaluva, we have a few more artful ideas up our sleeves. You'll have to stay tuned for more information, but rest assured that, like our current line of limited edition prints, whatever is up next will be unlike anything you've seen.