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Frequently, and perhaps not-so-frequently, asked questions you may be dying to know the answers to

Why are Lavaluva prints no longer available?

The marketplace did not respond in sufficient numbers to justify continuing the offering. We really believe that Lavaluva prints are truly one of a kind. There's nothing out there like them. With that in mind, we are considering other ways to offer up the beauty of these images in a way that will appeal to a larger audience. So, please come back to see what’s in store for Lavaluvas, like yourself. You can also contact us here for more information.

Answers to the following questions are for reference only, since Lavaluva prints are presently, no longer available.

What is your return policy?

We believe the total quality of Lavaluva prints will easily exceed your expectations. We allow 24 hours from the time your print arrives for review and approval. If you are not satisfied for any reason and let us know within 24 hours of delivery, we will accept return of the print. After inspection for damage, your payment will be refunded less the cost of carton and shipping in both directions.

Is my purchase secure?

All purchases from are handled securely through E-Commerce is their specialty. They handle secure online transactions for thousands of businesses like us, who'd rather spend more time creating unique products than engineering a shopping cart application. Your shopping cart and checkout won't have the same Lavaluva look, yet your transactions are handled securely and safely. For more information about 2Checkout services, please refer to their website.

How will the prints be packaged?

We take great care to make certain your prints arrive in pristine condition. Each print is carefully packed in heavy duty Masterpak StrongBox cartons. Generous amounts of foam protect the frame and an added sheet of heavy duty vinyl protects the face of the picture while in transit. This extraordinary packaging system offers the ultimate security for shipping framed artworks. Unframed prints are packed in the Masterpak Print Pad.

How will the prints be shipped?

We ship exclusively through FedEx because we trust them to deliver on time and treat your artwork with care. Within the U.S., customers can choose between Standard Overnight service and 2nd Day Air. For deliveries outside the U.S., the prints will be shipped FedEx International Express Economy.

How long does it take to get the prints?

Lavaluva prints are not inventoried. Every print is imaged and framed only when ordered. Most orders will be ready to ship in 1 to 3 weeks. Expedited turnaround may be possible at additional cost. Please contact us if you'd like to expedite your order.

Why is my credit card charged before you ship?

Every Lavaluva print is a custom order, a unique print made just for you. We do not inventory our limited edition prints. So, your credit card is charged at the time you place your order. It takes from one to three weeks to make your exhibition print and to frame it. If you have a question about the status of your order during that time, please contact us.

Are the prints at the beginning of an edition more valuable or better quality?

Back in "the day," printmakers had reason to be concerned with plate fatigue - whereby the tooth on intaglio or relief surfaces would eventually wear down after a number of prints, resulting in declining quality towards the end of a print run. In our workflow, quality variance is not an issue from one print to the next. Whether the marketplace chooses to place more value on a lower numbered print remains to be seen!

How long will the prints last?

This is a rather complicated question that depends upon a number of things, including: where you display your print (lighting, temperature, humidity, etc.), and the materials and processes that went into making the print in the first place.

If you love the prints as much as we do, you want them front and center all the time. Still, there are some basic rules of thumb which should be followed in order to get the most out of your prints. We strongly recommend you do not continuously display your prints, or any other fine art for that matter, in direct sunlight or in strong artificial light. Doing so can encourage premature fading and discoloration. Excess or dramatic swings in temperature or humidity can cause problems such as buckling, swelling and mildew. Avoid any contact between the print and chemicals, smoke, particulates, and the like - even your own fingerprints leave trace chemicals which can harm the artwork over time. Some places to avoid displaying your prints include:

Finally, we recommend that you give your prints a "rest" once in a while: rotate them out of display for a period of time and into a dark, steady climate. This doesn't actually do anything to the print except extend the amount of time it is not in contact with light (a major source of degradations).

As for the final issue, we have selected materials and processes which are considered among the most enduring in their category, worthy of museum and exhibition quality at every level. Check our archival quality page for details about the archival aspects of our prints.