- Limited Edition Lavascapes

Archival Quality

The archival quality of Lavaluva prints is incredibly important to us, as we trust it is to the people who buy them

Archival printing

Lavaluva prints are true photographic prints made by exposing photo-sensitive paper to light, not by spraying ink onto a page. We use a Chromira LED printer on Fuji Crystal Archive Super Gloss paper. Prints made in this manner are rated by Wilhelm Imaging Research, an independent industry research group, to last 65 years or more before noticeable changes in the integrity of the print appear.

Archival mats and mounting

The next step in maintaining the archival integrity of the print is to mat and mount it using the finest archival materials. Inexpensive matting and mounting materials can be high in acids and other compounds which can cause damage to the very artworks they are supposed to protect. Lavaluva prints come with 6-ply Bainbridge Alphamat Artcare matboards. These matboards are made with 100% acid-free, solid core material - meaning they are carefully built to be free of harmful acids and other damaging compounds. Our prints are hinged and floated on 100% acid-free Fom-Cor backing to further enhance the archival integrity of the print.

UV-Filtered Glazing

The final step to maintaining archival integrity of every framed Lavaluva print is to cover it with a UV-filtered glazing material. Exposure to UV rays prevalent in strong sunlight or bright indoor lighting can cause premature fading and accelerate the damaging effects of other compounds. Our prints come with crystal clear, UV-filtering ACRYLITE OP-3 plexiglas glazing, protecting them from 98% of the damaging UV rays from natural and artificial light sources. Acrylite OP-3 can potentially double the life of the print it covers.

Proper Care

You, too, can help maintain the archival integrity of your Lavaluva artwork. Reduce the damaging effects of heat, light, and moisture by displaying the prints away from strong light sources and where temperature and humidity reach extremes or fluctuate drastically. Consider rotating your collection in and out of storage at regular intervals to extend the display life of your artwork.