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Everything you want to know about Lavaluva prints - how they're made, framed, matted, sold and so on

Lavaluva Framed Prints - Exploded View

Limited Editions

We strongly believe that these images are unique in this world and should remain so for their collectors. Therefore, in keeping with the traditions of fine art printing, we've decided to limit the number of Lavaluva prints produced of each image to a specific, finite number. After the last print is sold, no more prints will be made of that image at that size, period.

Lavaluva Certificate of AuthenticityEach print is titled and numbered according to its place in the edition. If you are the art lover who buys number 100/100, then you will own the very last Lavaluva print that will ever be made of that image and size.

Included with each print is a signed certificate with the print's title, edition number, paper type, print type, date printed and related details.

The Finest Printmakers

Each Lavaluva print is made with absolute care towards the highest aesthetic standards by the master printers at West Coast Imaging. Established in 1997 by Rich Seiling, a former curator at The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite, CA, West Coast Imaging has become a beacon of quality for professional photographers, artists, advertising agencies, and museums. WCI is dedicated to producing the finest prints worldwide.

Lavaluva prints are not held in inventory. They're made one at a time, just for you, when your order is received.

The Finest Technology

Before printing, each image is digitally archived using a Heidelberg Tango Drum scanner. Considered by many to be the best scanner in the world, the Tango Drum scanner is capable of scanning an image at 11,000 dpi with 12-bit color depth and a dynamic range of 4.2. Translated simply, that means our images start out as rich in color, depth, and detail as they possibly can be.

After the images are retouched to remove any stray dust or defects, they are imaged with light using a Chromira LED printer on Fuji Crystal Archive photo-emulsive paper. The result is a true photographic print of incomparable depth and color.

Fuji Crystal Archive Paper

All Lavaluva prints are made with Fuji Crystal Archive professional photographic paper, which produces incredibly rich colors, vivid whites, impeccable detail, and unparalleled archival performance. The Super Gloss finish yields a jewel-like, glassy appearance reminiscent of Cibachrome and Ilfochrome prints. Wilhelm Research estimates Fuji Crystal Archive paper to have a 65+ year image durability rating - putting it squarely among the most enduring photographic papers available.

Museum Quality Matboard & Mounting

Paper products naturally contain a certain amount of acids and other compounds that can prove harmful to a work of art over time. We mat all Lavaluva prints with 100% acid-free, solid core, Igloo White, 6-ply Bainbridge Alpharag Artcare matboards - the highest quality archival matting material available. To further ensure the archival integrity of our prints, they are hinged and floated on 100% acid-free Fom-Cor backing.

UV Protective Plexiglass Glazing

Exposure to sunlight and harmful UV rays can be very damaging to photographic prints, and indeed many other fine art mediums, causing premature fading and discoloration of base materials. Our framed prints come with UV-filtering ACRYLITE OP-3 glazing to help filter out harmful UV rays, thus extending the life of your print up to twice as long. (Even with UV-fiiltered glazing, it's best to keep all artwork out of strong sunlight.)

Quality Hardwood Frames

Frame CloseupLavaluva prints can be ordered with a museum-quality hardwood frame using Profile 251 from Nurre Caxton's Metropolitan line. This classic, modern frame is gesso-coated to create a smooth, satin surface on top of Jelutong hardwood finished in Antique Black - a sophisticated, warming finish that produces a rich, deep black hue with a hint of red madder at the edges.

Protective Shipping

Lavaluva prints are shipped in the incredibly durable Masterpak Strongbox. Three layers of foam, Tyvek Soft Wrap, Glass Skin, Puncture-Guard lining, and a fortress of heavy-duty cardboard keep your Lavaluva print safe and sound from our door to yours. The extra cost of these containers, included in the purchase price, is little next to the peace of mind that comes with knowing your Lavaluva print is so securely packaged. Unframed prints are shipped in the Masterpak Print Pad.

Masterpak StrongBox

Additional Info

Need more information about the prints? Contact us - we'd be happy to answer any question you have.